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University of Cambridge

Foundation Year in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (pre-degree course)

A free and fully-funded one year course designed to offer a stepping stone to Cambridge for those who have experienced educational disadvantage.

劍橋大學 University of Cambridge

Foundation Year at Cambridge

During the Foundation Year, you can expect a challenging academic curriculum in the arts, humanities and social sciences. This offers the best possible preparation for the rigours of a Cambridge degree course by broadening and deepening your knowledge and understanding as well as introducing you to the ways students learn at Cambridge. Foundation Year students will also benefit from being part of the University, including being part of a College community and having full access to all the University’s societies and facilities to pursue your interests.

You will gain a nationally recognised Certificate of Higher Education and upon finishing the course and have the option to continue to a number of suitable undergraduate degree courses at Cambridge.

Eligibility criteria

Students who have been young carers while in education, their education that got disrupted by medical/health issues, family problems that left them missed the significant periods of learning are among the target groups of this programme.

Other eligible candidates including whoever has been unable to access appropriate qualifications and those from low-income families or are financially impared.

The programme is open to UK residents only at this stage.

Entry requirements

A-Levels: BBB (no specific subjects are required).

Applicants can apply through UCAS by January 2022. Relevant interviews and academic assessments will be used for evaluating the aptitude of the candidates. The scheme will enrol up to 50 students in the first intake in October 2022.

劍橋大學畢業典禮 University of Cambridge Graduation Ceremony

Prospect and Opportunities

Upon completion of the Foundation year, students to continue to a wide range of degree courses in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences without the need to apply to the University again.

At Cambridge, completing the course to the required standard will allow you to progress on to one of 18 degree courses. Some courses require completion of relevant curriculum streams. Courses you could progress to are:

  • Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic
  • Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
  • Education
  • English
  • History
  • History and Politics

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