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截至 1 月 10 日,暫時有 17 個 Helios 學生收到 MBBS 有條件錄取通知(第一輪。未來幾天還會有更多錄取通知書!),將於 2024 年 9 月入學(破 Helios 紀錄)

截至 1 月 12 日,再有 2 個 Helios 學生獲 MBBS 有條件取錄(第一輪),可於 2024 年 9 月入學

截至 1 月 4 日,暫時有 9 個 Helios 學生獲 MBChB 有條件取錄(第一輪),可於 2024 年 9 月入學(破 Helios 紀錄)!

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Including CSFC, OIC for the UK, Concord, and US Phillips Exeter, Deerfield, etc.

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Including HKSES, Prince Philip Scholarship, etc.

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A-level, SAT, ACT, IB, IELTS etc.

Master's and Doctoral Studies

Including UK G5, US Ivy League, Canadian and Australian Top Universities

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Helios' formula allows students to receive personalised assistance with all aspects of their UK, US and other country applications, from school selection strategies, exam preparation and personal statement/dissertation support, to extra-curricular activities and interview training.

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