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Tertiary Education in Canada is well-known for its mature education system, internationally recognized qualifications, and high living standards. Among them, McGill University, the University of Toronto, and the University of British Columbia are identified as the "Top Three" universities in Canada because of their academic reputation.

We, Helios, will guide you comprehensively on the road of applying to universities in Canada to make your race smoother.


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Successful rate of Top 3 Universities in Canada

McGill University

QS Ranking: 31
THE Ranking: 46


University of Toronto

QS Ranking: 34
THE Ranking: 18

The University of British Columbia

QS Ranking: 47
THE Ranking: 40

Canadian Universities Application System

由於加拿大的大學是由不同的省政府管理,所以每個省份的大學都會有屬於自己的申請系統。而其中比較為人熟悉的系統是Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC)和 Education Planner BC。另外,大學如多倫多大學和麥基爾大學等​都會接受學生的直接申請。值得注意的是,各大學的申請系統都會有類近的文件要求,但流程卻是截然不同,很容易令學生混淆。

Essay Writing

You will be guided and led by tutors with relevant course experiences. Through understanding you, we will instruct you step-wisely to write impeccable essays that reflect your unique personal style and charisma.

Video Interview

Tutors in Helios will coach you the interview skills and attitudes. Through our specialized mock interviews, you will be mentally prepared and your confidence will be gradually built.

Extracurricular Activities

Helios will provide professional feedback on the suggestions and implementation of suitable extracurricular activities. Students are advised to try different kinds of extracurricular activities and explore their desired goals and directions as early as possible to prepare for higher education.

Application Monitoring

Helios will assist in your applications monitoring to ensure every important message and deadline are well delivered to you.

Application Strategy

Helios will advice appropriate university courses that fit into your interests, personality, abilities and grades. Your admission rates are maximized by applying our tailor-made strategies.

English Language Tests

Helios offers a wide range of International English Proficiency tests. You will be invigilated and instructed by experienced tutors to facilitate you adapting in real situation. Skills, reports and feedback are provided to lead you perform perfectly in the tests. It is worth noting that Canadian Universities require students to submit their result of English Language Proficiency test before offering an admission.

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Tailored Canadian Admission Proposal

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The number of students who intend to continue their tertiary education in Canada has gradually raised in recent years.

Our Canadian teams include graduates from Top Universities. By recognizing your career aspiration, passion, and dedication, a tailor-made plan is constructed and applied to you.From discovering your interests and subjects to writing a personal statement and interview preparation, we treat every single step seriously and make sure nothing will be overlooked on the road to getting into universities. Our years of experience enable us to provide you with comprehensive and professional insights and recommendations. Eventually, your admission rates will be maximized

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