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Helios' Masters and PhD programmes offer the most comprehensive assistance for entry to master's and PhD programmes in the UK and the US in popular areas such as medicine, law, computer science, engineering and business.

Professional Admission Tutoring

Your entire education plan will be prepared and followed up by Helios' team of elite advisors. It is called "elite" because the team comprises professors, lawyers, doctors and various professionals.

Real tutors from world-renowned schools

All instructors are stars in their fields and projects, and Helios will connect you with the best instructors in the world.

High flexibility service

Whether you need help with university applications, exam preparation or career guidance, we'll create a tailor-made programme of study to ensure you get a smooth offer.

You can reach us ASAP anytime.

As a Helios student, you don't have to worry about when you can't reach us because you can arrange online support with your advisor and tutor anytime, anywhere.

Your dream, our mission

The Reason to choose

The admission rate for Master's programmes at leading universities in the UK and US is as low as 4.5%. Expertise is one of the critical requirements for success.

Helios offers a wide range of services for students with different academic backgrounds and goals, combined with our comprehensive study plan, to help you develop the most comprehensive study plan and create the perfectPersonal Statement

Joining Helios is more than just buying a place to study; it's an experience with an unrivalled network of professionals, coaches, educators and alumni from leading universities inspired by emerging academics and young professionals.

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