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Important Points To Note About Physiotherapy Admissions

• Make sure you meet the admission requirements, including academic qualifications, English proficiency, relevant work experience, etc.;

• Time matters. The typical UCAS application deadline is January, but the application process can take anywhere from months to years, so plan early;

• Prepare the documents required for application, including academic certificates, IELTS, personal statements, reference letters, etc.; at the same time, you need to prepare for some veterinary school admissions tests and/or interviews;

• Know the admissions process and interview methods of UK veterinary schools, and make corresponding preparations, such as mock interviews, understanding the scoring standards, etc.;

• Refer to the official website to learn about the curriculum, teaching resources, tuition fees and other relevant information, and choose the course that suits you;

• Consider applying for relevant scholarships or funding programmes to reduce financial stress.

UK Physiotherapy

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A-level : ABB
IB : 33 or above
HKDSE : 555-544 in three electives including biology

Entry Requirements

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完成實習後,你會得到由 Helios 及健康教育基金會簽發的專業工作證明,有益於海外 / 本地獸醫升學。

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