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Applying to a U.S. university is not an easy task.

With the passage of time, competition from top applicants has become increasingly fierce, with acceptance rates at Harvard, Princeton and Stanford now at an all-time low of 4-5%.

In Helios, we understand what U.S. college admissions officers are looking for so that we can tailor a college plan to gain admission to Ivy League schools and beyond.

麻省理工學院 Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT
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Ivy League Admissions
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Top 25 U.S. University Admissions
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Admission Rate
Massachusetts Institute of Technology MIT

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

QS 世界排名:1
THE Ranking: 5

Stanford University

Stanford University

QS Ranking: 3
THE 世界排名:4

Harvard University

QS 世界排名:5
THE 世界排名:2

California Institute of Technology

QS 世界排名:6
THE 世界排名:2

The University of Chicago

QS 世界排名:10
THE 世界排名:10

University of Pennsylvania

QS 世界排名:13
THE 世界排名:13

Yale University

QS 世界排名:14
THE 世界排名:9

Columbia University

QS 世界排名:19
THE 世界排名:11

Princeton University

QS 世界排名:20
THE 世界排名:7

Cornell University

QS Ranking: 21
THE 世界排名:22

University Of Michigan


QS 世界排名:23
THE 世界排名:24


QS 世界排名:25
THE 世界排名:13


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Year after year, Helios helps students get into Ivy League schools. Our students are four times more likely to be accepted to an Ivy League school than the average applicant. Over the years, 84% of Helios students have been accepted into the top 3 programs at Top universities in the United States.

Our years of Ivy League admissions experience have helped our students' applications stand out from the increasingly competitive crowd, giving us an overall success rate of 76%!

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