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As the first and leading prestigious university admissions consultancy in the market, Helios has made a significant impact by focusing on the most sought-after topic among Asian and Hong Kong parents: “Medical Science Admissions.”

From early July to late August this year (2024), Helios continues to initiate an exclusive medical related event titled “Helios Medical Research Publication for Secondary Students” for students and their parents who aspire to study Medicine in Hong Kong or overseas. This event, to be powered and handled by international-level researchers and locally licensed doctors, strengthens research skills, demonstrates academic excellence, shows interest in medical science, increases competitiveness, builds relationships and networks, and provides a deeper understanding of medical topics.

Our Supervisors

We have a distinguished Senior Research Supervisor overseeing quality assurance. This supervisor is an internationally renowned researcher, a guest lecturer at a university, and a locally licensed doctor with an impressive track record of 100+ publications and 1000+ citations. Their significant contributions to cardiovascular medicine have earned them the prestigious title of Fellow of the European Society of Cardiology.

Additionally, a senior author, who is also a locally licensed doctor, will be involved in the programme. This ensures that the research conducted and published is grounded in practical medical knowledge and expertise.

The primary outcome of the programme is to facilitate the publication of research that is citable, with the student’s name included as an author. This achievement provides tangible recognition and serves as a valuable addition to the student’s academic portfolio.

The field of research for this programme is focused on medical and biomedical topics. While the programme does not involve laboratory work, it offers students the opportunity to engage in rigorous research and contribute to the advancement of medical knowledge.


  • Group size: 2 to 3 students
  • 3-hour In-person Research Workshop (July)
  • Continuous Supervision via Zoom and Email (July – August)
  • Finalising Reviewing and Editing done by Senior Research Supervisor and Senior Author (by 30 September 2024

For Who

Aged 15-18 students who are currently applying for medical school admissions locally or internationally for the 2025 intake and beyond

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Our Mission

Helios’ admission consultants and dedicated tutors are graduates from G5 (Oxford, Cambridge, University College London, London School of Economics and Political Science, Imperial College London), Ivy League schools, and other prestigious universities across the globe.

We believe that every student is equal and that current wealth should not hinder their potential.

Our Origin

Lack of information and insufficient preparation are common causes of failure for top-tier admissions. There is no short cut to success but we are capable of guiding students to find their directions. Helios understand that education should not be seen as a business. Our rule of thumb is to do our utmost professionally to cater to support students every step of their way.

Our clients succeed, since we rarely fail.

Event Info

Application Deadline

28 June 2024
*Rolling Basis*

Event Duration

Early July 2024
Late August 2024

Citable Publication

Late September 2024

Consultation Fee

Free of charge

What is a consultation about?

During a consultation, you have the initial opportunity to converse with a specialist about your child’s aspirations for admissions.

Throughout the consultation, you will have the opportunity to

  • Understand more thorough details about Helios Medical Research Publication for Secondary Students.
  • Receive an evaluation of your child’s present academic eligibility and circumstances, as well as an understanding of their position as a prospective high-achieving college applicant.
  • Engage in a conversation about your child’s academic and extracurricular proficiencies and areas for improvement, while examining the necessary steps they need to undertake in order to secure admission to their desired prestigious institutions.
  • Acquire comprehensive knowledge about the workings of Helios and the customised timeline/plan we will develop to optimise your child’s chances of admission.
  • Develop a/some personalised roadmap(s) with a range of support options, carefully tailored to cater to your child’s individual needs and align with your family’s budgetary constraints.

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