Terms and Conditions (Guarantee Terms)

Terms and Conditions for Guarantee Terms

“Helios”, “we”, “our” and “us” means any member of Helios Education and its subsidiaries. “You” and “your” means any of you (as a student) and your parent or guardian, as the case may be.

Terms and Conditions for Guarantee Terms is an extension of the Terms and Conditions that appear in https://www.helios-edu.com/terms-and-conditions/, implying you must accept and agree with all Terms and Conditions for Guarantee Terms set out below and the Terms and Conditions as listed on the above-mentioned website and in any Helios document simultaneously. Between the version on Helios website and the version that presents in any Helios document, the version on Helios website shall prevail.

Guarantee Terms (collectively, the “Terms” and each a “Term”) appear to convey that we are confident with regard to our speciality. The Terms shall be different from time to time, and case by case. Any Terms in whole or in part shall solely be valid on condition that you seek full assistance under Helios, in which full assistance implies that your admissions plan shall not be handled by any other third-party organisations or/and individuals aside from Helios.

Concerning the requirement(s) set out by Helios:

  1. should any requirements with regard to predicted grades, including but not limited to International Advanced Level (IAL), International Baccalaureate (IB), General Certificate of Education A-level (GCE AL), and Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE), appear to be part of the conditions for the fulfilment of the Term, you must meet or exceed the requirements set out by Helios in your admission proposal, evidenced by any official document(s) that is issued by the secondary school you attend, and such the document(s) can be provided at any time during the service period.
  2. should the Term can be fulfilled without specific requirements with regard to predicted grades, we presume that you shall meet or exceed ALL the entry requirements that are set out by universities in the United Kingdom and the United Kingdom only at the point of application submission before the official application deadline.
  3. You agree to apply for a total of five universities, which is the maximum amount of choices, under The Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) when the Terms state that we guarantee one university offer OR two at most.
  4. you agree that you shall only apply for either University of Oxford and University of Cambridge when the Terms indicate the two universities. You agree that you shall apply for all mentioned G5 universities if the Terms indicate other G5 universities, which are Imperial College London, University College London, and London School of Economics and Political Science (e.g., you agree to apply for both when your admission proposal mentions Imperial College London and University College London when the corresponding subject(s)/programme(s) are available). You also agree that you shall apply for any school(s) which it is/they are initiated and confirmed through a textual or verbal agreement between you and us.
  5. ALL programmes and for overseas admissions solely (i.e. Hong Kong is NOT inclusive), in whole or in partial, relate to the medical field, including but not limited to Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, and Veterinary Medicine are not applicable.

Your request for a refund must be proposed

  1. within 30 consecutive days, inclusive of weekends after the rejection offer from the university in which it is designated in your proposal is received.
  2. with a formal letter that clearly states the purpose of the letter, the name of the student, the name and relationship to the student of the person writing the letter (if any), any reference numbers (such as your admission proposal number), and the full English name and signature of the person writing the letter (if any) and date of writing.
  3. scanned copies of any documentation provided by the secondary school you are attending to support the refund request, such as a predicted grades document.

Our guarantee term shall only be valid on condition that you fill out ALL choices/fields/spots a university application system provides despite kind, including but not limited to UCAS, Common App, JUPAS, Non-JUPAS and any other direct application portals of the universities.

You agree that once received, you shall disclose to Helios a full account along with the login credentials of any offer(s) received from school choices and examination results. Meanwhile, you are obliged to disclose to Helios any changes on your offer(s) and examination results promptly during the service period in order for us to follow up accordingly. Should the need arise, a follow-up discussion is feasible for you and the consultant in charge before enrolment for the finalisation of the Terms. Unless otherwise specified or further approval in writing we agree to give, no amendment is allowed upon enrolment.

Should the service period in a Proposal covers the next academic year which is not the academic year of application we agree to assist, we do by no means offer any assistance for you. In other words, we only offer assistance for one academic year of application. Regardless of the duration of the service period, we do not offer any assistance for reapplication that takes place in the next or any other academic year, unless otherwise specified in the Proposal.

The guarantee term in your proposal will be waived if you agree to reapply for the next academic year, given that Helios will strive best to provide the exact same amount of work to your application again. The Terms to be shown on the new proposal for reapplication stay as same as the old unless otherwise specified.

Any Terms that appear in any Helios document including but not limited to each admission proposal shall be seen invalid immediately for any violation in whole or in part without prior written or verbal notic